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 Cell Phone Number



 Rev. Fr. Alex K Joy




Mr. Mathew Samuel (Sunil)


SecretaryMr. Eins Chacko(518)-894-6694 einschacko1@yahoo.com
 Sunday School Headmaster Mr. Anil Thomas(518)-878-6129 akt01@yahoo.com
 Committee MemberMr. Binoy Thomas(518)-986-2972 bthomas12304@yahoo.com
 Committee MemberMrs. Rini Anil(516)-532-2959 rinialb@gmail.com
 Committee MemberMrs. Betsy Rajan(315)-263-2373 bvarghes@gmail.com
 Committee MemberMr. Anish Cherian(518)-577-1133anishcherian26@gmail.com
 Committee MemberMr. Paul John (Ex - Officio) (518)-522-3866  pxmohan@yahoo.com

Any inquiries about the church and its activities can be made to any of the office bearers mentioned above.
For any questions about the website, please use the Feedback Section or email webmaster@stpaulsalbany.com