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How are the classes conducted?

How are the DivyaBodhanam sessions/classes conducted?

DivyaBodhanam classes will be held mainly via skype and the session will be for 1 hour. The topics to be covered and the associated books along with the time/date of the session will be sent via email or udpdated on this website couple of days prior to the Class/Session day.

The skype id used for the Skype session will be mat430123
Please add this id to your skype contacts, after you login and then you will be put on a group call at the time session.

Please note some ground rules for this sessions to work smoothly -

1) We will be in an AUDIO group call on skype once it starts,(once everyone logs in, Sunil (mat430123) will add you to the group call - please       click on "Answer" once the pop up appears)
2) The class will also be broadcasted live on ustream. Please visit the channel is http://www.ustream.tv/channel/focus-ne
3) Mute the ustream mic so that we have video (only) on ustream [with some delay] and audio like a conference call on Skype
4) When Achan is speaking, please mute our own Skype mics also and unmute only at the time when you have to ask question or speak otherwise
5) Keep on the topic when we speak and not on other issues concerning the parish or church etc.
6) If you get disconnected, please just log back in and you will be reconnected automatically most of the time, else mat430123 will add you back in.
7) If you have to leave in between, you may please just disconnect whenever you wish, but try to keep the entire hour aside for this.
8) If you have issues logging on or any other issues, call Sunil @ 5183573143 and we will try to work through it.
9) Also please note that this ustream+skype arrangement does not work with Ipad or Mobile Devices yet.
10) After each UNIT session was completed, please finish the summary in 1 page and email it to Sunil (Mr. Mathew Samuel) with subject like "Unit 1 done". The summary can be in plain text, MS Word or pdf format. If you are using Malayalam, please write it out in malayalam, scan it and send it via email or you can hand it over to me in person. It is mandatory to provide the summary in order for us to keep track of the progress/worth of all these sessions

We also plan to record the skype sessions, so that it is available to those who could not attend. Please contact the Webmaster: webmaster@stpaulsalbany.com to get the recorded sessions on CD.

If you have any questions on the sessions or how to login or anything about our church and its activities please feel free to contact the
webmaster at : webmaster@stpaulsalbany.com