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How to write 'Summary' ?

How to write 'Summary' for each Unit?

It is basically only putting in words what we understood from the Unit. If we break it up, it gets very simple:
We have 6 chapters in Unit 1:
Writing a summary can be as simple as - listing the lessons of the unit and writing a couple of lines about each (as we understood).

As an example:

Divyabodhanam POCE -Book 1 - In the Fullness of Time - by Rev. Fr. T.J. Joshua. Introducing the Gospels and the Acts of the Apostles

Unit 1 : Introduction to the New Testament - a Summary

In this unit, a brief background is given about the Old Testament and its relevance.....etc<a couple lines about the entire unit>

The relations between the New Testament and the Old testament
<What is the relationship between OT and NT, why is OT significant>

The Historical and cultural background
<Who were the different people living at the time of Christ, what was the history of Israel, their worship styles, education etc>

Jewish historical background of the New Testament
<What history of Jews do you learn in the book?>

Religious background of the people of Israel
<what was their religious background?,expectation of the Messiah>

Geography of Israel (at the time of Christ)
<different regions, climate etc>

Formation of the New Testament
<when did the authors start writing? why? which books got written when? what were the criteria to include in the New testament canon>

(You may use your own words, and of course, you can make it as elegant and as rich as you want, there are several other things you may find in the book which you may add, and you can have an introduction, conclusion etc, but if you find answers to the above, more or less, you should be right about there with your summary and it should easily get you the 1 page write up you need). It is okay, if you go over a page or two.

Remember, the expectation is NOT on our mastery in writing skills, but in how much we learnt from the Unit.
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Sample Summary of Unit 1 of Book 1 by Mr. Mathew Samuel - View Here