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How will Divyabodhanam help us?

How will Divyabodhanam help us?

1) Better understand the Bible as the true inspiration for all we do in the Holy Church.
2) Understand the teachings, ministries, sacraments, Liturgy and history of the Church much better.
3) Enable us to become better participants of the Church and teach our kids.
4) Train us in our mission in the world as Christians, as children of the Church.
5) Better answer questions, doubts, allegations about the Church coming from within and outside.
6) Become builders and owners of the traditions of the Church.
7) Use the tools of counseling, positive thinking effectively, and live and grow as better citizens of the Church, the society, the country.

The Divyabodhanam has over the years been instrumental in bringing up many lay leaders in the Church, who have been beacons of light for the upcoming generation, who work hand in hand with the clergy in building the Lord's Church.

In Albany, we are in a situation where we do not have the physical presence of a shepherd always. This is a very dangerous situation for the faith. Many around us like to fish in such muddy waters and if we are found wavering in the faith - lets just say - a lot of bad things can happen. If there are a few people with the background of Divyabodhanam in the Albany area, it can greatly help the parish, the Church and our next generation in the long run. They can become the leaders who strengthen the parish, the diocese and the Church tomorrow and through the Church the wider society.

But for this some work, effort, time and energy is needed from all. We hope everyone takes this seriously, keeps some time aside and works through this course. Hope this effort is able to bear some good fruits in the land, and in the Church and we pray that this effort does not go waste.