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Parsons Child and Family Center Visit

posted Dec 10, 2013, 7:02 PM by StPaulsAlbany Church
This year also we will be visiting the children in Parsons Center on the 11th December 2013 (Wednesday) at 4pm.
The address is : 60 Academy Road, Albany, NY 12208.

Once you come to the Parsons Child and Family Center campus, come to the building that is immediately past the swimming pool on the right. The program is held in the cafeteria of the Neil Hellman School which is the school on campus. Park in any available spaces in the area. Please call me on 512 417 5458 if there are any questions. Please plan to be at the place by 4:00 pm. (The program should begin at 4:15 and should not last more than an hour.)

For our group presentation: we will all go together on stage. As we do the songs, the musicians will use the time to get their stuff setup (in the order below), so that there is a smooth transition from song to music to song with minimal time spent in between. We will use Set 1 from our Carol sheet.
Song 1 - Kooduka Naam...
Andrew - trumpet - 1 min
Song 2 - Velli Megha Yavanika..(Thulli Thulli..)
Diana - Violin - 1 min
Song 3 - Joy to the world..
Francis and Tenneson - Viola - 1-2 min
Song 4 - We wish you..
Attached is the song sheet we will use (set 1 from our carols.) You may bring copies if you can. I will get a few copies.

A few people asked about contributions:
I will be keeping an envelope with me with a small token contribution from all of us for Parsons when we visit them this year. If anyone would like to add to the contributions, you are most welcome and encouraged.
I also found this link at their website about ways to help in this holiday season, in case anyone is interested: