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Talent Competitions - 2014

posted Sep 3, 2014, 3:14 PM by StPaulsAlbany Church   [ updated Sep 3, 2014, 3:14 PM ]

Here is the list of students currently registered for the Talent Competitions.  Any corrections please let me know by Tuesday, August 26, 2014.

Tenneson Cheeran Group 6      Speech - Eng

Danny Santhosh Group 6      Speech - Eng

Andrew Thomas Group 6      Speech - Eng

Francis Cheeran Group 5      Speech - Eng

Diana Jacob Group 4   Solo Song-Mal &  Speech - Eng

Athena Varghese Group 3   Solo Song-Mal   

Dilon Jacob Group 3 Story - Mal  & Solo Song-Mal   

Deon Santhosh Group 2  Story - Eng    

Abigail Benoy Group 2    Solo Song - Eng  

Aiden Thomas Group 2    Solo Song - Eng  

Maria Samuel Group 2  Story - Eng & Solo Song-Mal   

Isaiah Thomas Group 2  Story - Eng    

Ethan Chacko Group 2    Solo Song - Eng  

Angeli Thomas Group 1    Solo Song - Eng  

Alexander Jacob Group 1  Story - Eng  & Solo Song - Eng  

Riyagail Benoy Group 1    Solo Song - Eng  

Angelo Varghese Group 1   Solo Song-Mal   

Alexa Thomas Group 1    Solo Song - Eng  

Jerome Samuel Group 1    Solo Song - Eng  

Abel Renjith Group 1    Solo Song - Eng  

Abraham Jacob Group 1    Solo Song - Eng  

Sophia Chacko Group 1    Solo Song - Eng  


There will be a Bible Quiz on Isaiah and Acts on Sunday, August 31 to determine who will participate in that competition

For Group Song there will be a practice also on August 31.  Here is a translation by Mr. Mathew Samuel:


O transient home, why did you tempt me?

O sin filled sea, why did you push me into the deep?

O hasty life, why did you give me grief?

I go now to the place where my Lord will care for me.

(I go) with your Cross for company -- may it drive away the horrifying armies of darkness

Using the Cross as the key -- may I enter into Paradise -- and entering therein, may I sing praises for your abundant grace and mercy.

Thanks everyone

Anil Thomas (Sunday School Headmaster)