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Directions from Church to all Cemetery's Tombs

From St. Paul’s Indian Orthodox (1930 Hillside Avenue, Niskayuna NY 12309)

To Evergreen Cemetery (Abey’s & Linda’s) - 2150 Central Ave, Schenectady NY 12304
1. Right on Hillside Ave
2. Right on Providence Ave 
3. Right on Balltown Rd 
4. Left on NY-5 /Central Ave
5. Right on Evergreen Cemetery 
6. To Abey’s - gravestone is on left, front

To Albany Rural Cemetery (Anitha Aunty & Achen) - 1 Cemetery Ave, Albany NY 12204
7. Right on NY-5 E/Central Ave
8. Left on NY-155 E/New Karner Road
9. Right on NY-155 E/Watervliet Shaker Road
10. Right on NY-155 E/Albany Shaker Rd 
11. LEFT on Osborne – go past Route 9 - it becomes 378 – 
12. Left at Van Rensselaer (377)  into Albany Rural - South Gate - this is Linden 

13. To Anitha Aunty’s
    a. Go to first intersection with tomb-gate with roads going left, straight right
    b. Turn left. Keep on the LEFT lane. 
    c. Take LEFT at a large tombstone of some angels.. possibly first LEFT
    d. Aunty’s gravestone is on RIGHT.

14. To Achen’s
    a. Return to Linden avenue and take left. 
    b. Follow road all the way up the hill
    c. After the intersection with North Ridge Road turn LEFT
    d. Second RIGHT for Lot # 210
    e. Achen’s gravestone is just ahead on LEFT
    From North Gate: Left at North Ridge.  Right at Linden, then d & e above