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Dr. Anita Mannikarottu

Anita, daughter of Mr. Thomas Varghese and Mrs. Aleyamma Thomas of Aruparayil house, was born on
November 28th, 1961 in Thiruvalla, Kerala.
She was the only sister of three brothers - Thomson, Ivan and Rajeev. She did her college studies at Assumption College, St. Teresa's College and Kerala University Center, Karyavattom.

On November 14, 1982, while doing her M.Sc, she got married to Mr. Sam Mannikarottu. She then passed her M.Sc in Genetics, having achieved second rank at the University of Kerala. In 1983, She joined her husband, who was teaching in Nigeria and in 1984, her first daughter, Chino, was born.                       

Chino and Anita then moved to Kerala, where she took up PhD studies at the University of Kerala, Trivandrum. During this time, her second daughter, Carthi, was born. In 1994, she was awarded her PhD in Biotechnology.

She then did a post-doctoral fellowship at the University of Vienna, Austria in 1996. Following that, she took up teaching at Good Shepherd International School in Ooty, where Chino and Carthi attended school. In July 2001, Sam and Anita moved to the United States, where she started here post-doctoral fellowship at the University of Pennsylvania.

The following year, Chino and Carthi joined them in Philadelphia as well. In October 2004, she took up a job at the Albany College of Pharmacy as a research Assistant Professor moved to Albany with her family. She also served as an Adjunct Research Guide at the Albany medical College, Department of Urology. In addition, she taught classes at Siena College and served as a Clinical Assistant Professor at the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. In 2008, she became the Director of Medical Research at the Show-Chan Medical System in Taiwan. She worked as a scientific editor and reviewer for scientific journals. Over her career; Ana has had over 40 scientific journal publications.

Anita was very much involved in various community activities, especially at her church. She was extremely sociable and loved to keep in touch with friends and colleagues. her favorite hobbies included cooking Indian dishes and backed goods. Always known for her hospitality and instant warmth, she was constantly entertaining. She was a good public speaker and an avid reader and was well-known for reading at least three newspapers per day!

She is survived by her parents - Thomas Varghese and Aleyama Thomas, Brothers -  Thomson, Ivan and Rajeev, Husband - Sam , Daughters - Chino and Carthi and eldest son-in-law - Elviz George

Please keep praying for Anita and her family, she left behind, on earth. If you wish to share any experiences you had with Anita, eulogies, condolences or if you would like to convey any message to her family, please send them to webmaster@stpaulsalbany.com          

Directions to Anita Mannikarottu's Tomb

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In Memory of Our Anita

Dear all,

Keeping it brief, let me focus on Anitammamma's parish activities.
A Teacher who was a student for life

Anita ammamma was a teacher. She was involved in giving knowledge to others, in molding the society. Yet she was a student all her life.

To make up in a small way the absence of a full time achen for our parish, I would often send emails to the parishioners, gathering bits from several sources, on spiritual subjects. Perhaps several others would just consider my emails as junk, but Anita ammamma would read all my emails and would often reply, discuss and debate on those. Also on occasions when I would take some classes and other sessions in the parish with the little that I know, I have noted Anita ammamma listening intently and even taking notes. I have not seen such interest in any one else. I have told myself - see how this teacher is humble enough to take notes from what someone with little knowledge as me. That humility was her God given gift.

She had a childlike enthusiasm to learn. She had an amazing curiosity to know about others,about what others do, about the others' perspective. I think it was this curiosity that was the inspiration behind her social life, which enabled her to reach out to every individual she came in contact with.


Fasting and prayers were her strengths. I know that her sugar level had become dangerously low because of her fasting and doctors had advised her against it. During challenges in life, these were tools that she retreated to.

Parumala Thirumeni

Parumala Thirumeni was a great source of inspiration for her. Perhaps that is why she was called back in this very week, when the world over we are celebrating Parumala Perunnal. In the past years, I have accompanied her to Fishkill Church to participate in the Parumala Perunnal like the one that is being celebrated there today. If she was able, she would have called me this year too, like in previous years, to check if I am going to Fishkill so that she could come along.

A genuine love and concern for her parish

If one day, I did not go to church, I would get an email or a call from her the next day - "Sunil, did not see you in church, is everyone ok at home?" When Barnabas Thirumeni was visiting the parish for the first time, she was in Taiwan, but from there she would make inquiries about arrangements for Thirumeni's stay, food, ride etc. She would call up from Taiwan to find out about Christmas carols here. Even when she was under treatment, she would drive on her own and come to Church for evening prayers.

Inspiration for those around her

Let me conclude citing one instance of testimony by her after she became very ill. This is what she had to say in response to someone trying to influence her into some teachings contrary to the faith of her Church (as I was told from someone whom she narrated it to) "If I die, I will only leave my body here, I am going to the bosom of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob". What unshakable faith she had even during her days of trials! That faith will now be a guardian for her family. That faith will now be an inspiration for her parish. That faith will now be a beacon of light for the community that knew her and for all of us.

A word from ICON

Dr.Anita Mannikarottu had been a very dedicated reader of ICON. She would often react and comment on several discussion topics. Sometimes she would respond directly back on ICON, at other times, she would make it a point to talk to me about it. She had an eye for charity initiatives on ICON and have recommended causes seen on ICON for charity initiatives in the parish, which have resulted in someone needy being helped. ICON is made by friends like her, who are often silent but are effective and important well wishers. ICON community world wide will miss her.

We have all gathered here to bid Anita ammamma farewell on her final journey, let us pray that our good Lord shows mercy on her soul, that He gives strength, peace and courage to her family.

On behalf of myself, and my family, on behalf of ammama's own parish and the parish that she has lovingly helped to nurture, as also on behalf of ICON, sincere heartfelt condolences.

Mathew Samuel

Remembering Mrs. Anita Mannikkarottu

Even though I have known Anita and her family only for the last few years, I feel like I have known them forever. With her deep sense of humility, caring and loving attitude, and strong faith in God even in times of tribulations, she touched the hearts of everyone around her. She was a blessed person of many great personal gifts. Yet, one gift that stands out is her children Chino and Karthi. Both Anita and Sam can feel proud that they raised two wonderful children who are God-fearing, equally blessed, and have great potential.

Anita treated others with great humility and respect.
Poet Maya Angelou once said, “People will forget what you did and what you said, but they will never forget how they were treated.” This is true of this Anita. We will never forget how she treated others.

On behalf of my family, I express my condolences, and humbly pray that God comfort Anita’s family and friends with heavenly peace that surpasses human wisdom to bear the loss of her physical departure.

Oommen Kappil, Philadelphia


So sorry for your loss. Our thoughts are with you.

Mia Marcus


Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Dear Chino,

Please accept my heartfelt condolences at the time of this great loss. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. May the memories of your beautiful mom be a source of strength for you and your family.

Lots of love,
Sheena Khurana

Monday, November 07, 2011

Anita was a very special friend to a lot of people especially me and my friends shared the same lab at Kariavattom back in India. Anita will be sorely missed. RIP

V. Sarasan, London


Sunday, November 06, 2011

Our condolence to sam ,durng this difficult period,May god bless you.

chacko Itty,brother of chacko thomas


Saturday, November 05, 2011

May her Soul rest in Peace.

Dr. P. K. Sharma, MD.


Saturday, November 05, 2011

Sam Uncle, Chino & Elvis, and Carthi,
We were blessed to know Anita Auntie. May her loving
spirit continue to spread through those she has
Our thoughts and prayers are with you.
With love,
-Robin & Anne, Aaron, and Sophia

Robin Mathew and family


Saturday, November 05, 2011

Dear Babuchayan, Chino, Carthy & Elviz

Our heartfelt condolences. Though no words can replace your loved one,our thoughts and prayers are with you. God understands your sorrow. May God Almighty give you strength and courage at this time of great loss.

May the SWEET MEMORIES keep you going.

With deep sympathy and love
Michelle, Shaun, Shobha and Matthew

Michelle, Shaun, Shobha & Matthew Kuttiyil


Friday, November 04, 2011

My sister we also will be with you sooner or later.

Her youngest brother

Rajeev Thomas


Friday, November 04, 2011

We love you Anita. Our hearty condolence to Sam, Chino, Elvis & Carthy.
With love & prayers,

Molammamma &

Thomas Paul (samkutty) & Family


Dr.Anita Mannikarottu - 28 Nov 1960 - 3 Nov 2011
She ran the race faster than all of us she left behind, her father, mother, me, my two younger brothers, her husband, two daughters and son-in-law and more... Reached destinations beyond our capabilities, fought bravely for short duration, finally to rest in peace!!

She always wanted to be ahead of me when we were young and she is younger to me by 17 months only........... Finally she went ahead of me......... only for me to catch us with her sooner or later.. to be decided by destiny!!!

A.Thomson (Thomson Aruparayil-thomsonarupara@gmail.com)


Our Beloved one and only doctor-sister Anita, after 50 years, I still remember, when you were a baby whenever you see me you wanted to jump into my hands from your caretaker. We were all grown up together, studied, played, fought...always you were calm, quiet, silent, smiling pretty young sister to all of us. then, we have all gone different parts of the world, Middle East, Africa, ...USA together. But, at last, I had seen you in complete pure white dress in your vacation from USA-2004 at the wedding of Samkutty's son. I will see you again in white dress in heaven in front of Jesus Christ., with a lot of love and prayers, your Jeemonachayan forever.

Jeeroy George
Operations Manager/Group Financial Controller
3603 Vine Street,
Hays, KS 67601-1955
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F. 785 625 7250