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Regular Gatherings


Holy Qurbana Every 3rd Sunday on a 4 Sunday month             - 8:00 am
+ Kids Sunday School

Holy Qurbana Every 3rd and 5th Sunday on a 5 Sunday month - 8:00 am                             
+ Kids Sunday School

During Non-Lent Season:
Adult Bible Class + 
Evening Prayer    +                             Every 1st, 2nd and 4th
                                                                             Sunday  - 9:00 am
The Sunday Holy Qurbana, Bible Class & Sunday School is usually conducted at:
                                    St. Michaels Episcopal Church
                                   49 Killean Dr, Colonie NY 12205


On certain occasions, if a family would like to sponsor an extra Qurbana, arrangements can be made to conduct a 
Holy Qurbana on Saturday Morning, upon availability of Church and Priest.


Please visit our 'Events Calendar' tab on the left, to see the various happenings, the time and its location