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What is DivyaBodhanam?

What is DivyaBodhanam?

A little brief about DivyaBodhanam:

A novel step in the field of theological studies of Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church was officially inaugurated in 1984 July 28 as a laymen training course of the church. The seedling of the concept of this project was sown by the world renounced theologian, philosopher, thinker and spoken person of eastern spirituality, Late Lamented Paulose Mar Gregorios Metropolitan. The stead fast growth of this project shows the foresightedness of the Metropolitan.

          H.H. Baselious Marthoma Didymus I Catholicos announced the study course as a spiritual movement through the Kalpana No: 138/2009.

          The Divyabodhanam family considers this proclamation as a recognition for the outstanding service rendered to the church. The leadership and effective influence of the professors of the Seminary is the service that we value the most in the proficiency and prospering nature of the course.

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Guidelines for Enrollment

· The Courses offered through the Divyabodhanam training Programme are open to all, regardless of age or academic requirements. Interest of applicants may however be verified by a simple evaluation of the statements in the application form.

· The course is available in both Malayalam & English mediums.

· New admission is possible every two years and all subjects may be completed in the order given in the Divyabodhanam calendar given at the time of admission.

· The training programme is structured as a non-residential course with facilities for weekly contact classes at the local or parish level under the guidance of the parish priest or a qualified teacher.

· Correspondence course techniques may be provided for those unable to attend the contact classes.

· Self-study materials (textbooks) are available to the students. Published textbooks may be obtained from the Divyabodhanam Central Office at the Orthodox Theological Seminary Kottayam Campus. Registered students may avail a 30% discount on all printed textbooks.

· The administration is currently undertaking efforts to produce all materials digitally. Available texts can be found under the Resources section.

·  Fees Structure: Every student will have to pay the required course fee upon admission. The course fee is inclusive of all admissions procedures, exam fees and certificate.

o   Proficiency in Orthodox Christian Education (P.O.C.E): 2 Year certificate course    :               Course Fee Rs. 250

o   Diploma in Orthodox Christian Education (D.O.C.E): 2 Year Diploma course            :              Course Fee Rs. 275

o   Graduate in Orthodox Christian Education (G.O.C.E): 2 Year Diploma course         :               Course Fee Rs. 300

· P.O.C.E. and D.O.C.E courses shall be valued by means of Examination or Essay.

o   In case of Examination, question paper shall be set by the Central Office and duly sent to the corresponding unit where upon the respective unit may conduct the examination under the supervision of the Vicar / Unit Instructor as per the set date provided in the Course Calendar.

o   In case of Essay, the student is required to write four essays (3-5 pages). Topics for the essays are provided in the prospectus. The written essays should be submitted to the central office within the prescribed date provided in the Course Calendar.

· G.O.C.E. course shall be valued by means of Examination and Essay.

· The examination papers and essays shall be valued at the Central Office Kottayam by the concerned supervisors. Grades shall be allocated as follows:

o   First Class 70%

o   Second Class 50%

o   Pass Mark 40%

· Certificates will be issued to all passing candidates. Certificates will be given at the Convocation Ceremony organized at the Seminary campus once every two years.

Application Forms

P.O.C.E : http://divyabodhanam.org/uploads/questions/1380951143grwtapwg736842.pdf

D.O.C.E : http://divyabodhanam.org/uploads/questions/1380951196ushcehxf348185.pdf

G.O.C.E : http://divyabodhanam.org/uploads/questions/1380951239dznthgkd733070.pdf

Divyabodhanam Website: http://divyabodhanam.org/